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Maurício Dias

Mauricio F. Dias, from Paraná, graduated in product design, postgraduate in strategic design management and working in the furniture sector for 14 years. His activities began with the development of product engineering, which made him familiar with the factory floor and the processes involved. Contact with people who bring projects to life became a great learning experience and created a lot of respect for the expertise of those who produce. Knowing and learning about processes and combining them with academic knowledge is enriching and as a designer it motivates you to explore new forms for new products in the search for beauty, harmony of materials, balance between form and function, and also encourages you to equate interests between those who produce and those who consume design.


Estúdio Oune

Oune is an Italian-Brazilian design studio created in 2019 and formed by Giorgio Rubega, Henrique Stabile and Jéssica Marques. Oune believes in creative fluidity, as its name suggests: Oune means water in the Wapichana language.


Rubens Ferreira

Designo was born in 2001 driven by the passion for creating. Since then, it has grown alongside clients interested in innovating and embracing new challenges. The partnerships were extremely fruitful, jumping head first into each project. They have always sought to increase market knowledge in order to generate new growth opportunities. They then created a solid bond with each partner thanks to the good results. The consolidated history is based on the desire to create, the latent desire to innovate and the passion for art, which is the essence of Designo.


Studio Alfaia

Located in Recife and Rio de Janeiro, Studio Alfaia's creations always bring elements of Northeastern culture, creating a mix of genuinely Brazilian materials. They are always attentive to details, enhancing the feeling of looking into the past without losing focus on contemporary design. Jaildo has a degree in Interior Design and started his Masters in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo, Italy. He has already taken a Fashion Design course at SENAC, always motivated by his creativity and freehand drawing skills. Leandra Fernandez born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, has a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. Daughter of a Visual Artist, she has always been in contact with art and the entire creative process.


Studio Combinare

Each piece of furniture we produce has the power to create a new story by becoming part of our customers' lives. With this vision since 1991, Combinare is a company that stands out for the design and quality of its products. We know that all this evolution, however, relies on the refined talent of the professionals behind each project. We currently have several specialists in the creative process of furniture, as well as a dedicated team at the head of Studio Combinare. Sendo associada da ABIMAD (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Móveis de Alta Decoração), a empresa participa anualmente de feiras que são referências na América Latina. 


Design, Comfort
and Sophistication

From the initial outlines of each idea, to the manufacturing of each piece of furniture, we are in constant search for the authenticity and sophistication of the details of each piece. Marked by a lot of effort from everyone involved, we evolve day after day to reach the state of the art.